Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yay for the first day

What a day! We got to see a coyote, a black bear and of course I have to mention the ground squirrels. We were a little rusty at first when collecting soil samples but when things got better, it started getting colder (sigh).

My best experience today was eavesdropping. Yes, you read right! Dr. Hamilton had a conversation with a ranger on possible restoration experiments on invaded fields. The ranger was so passionate about this and I realized that it is his life. My perspective has been changed completely. This is no longer just a class, no longer just something I get to do for two weeks (and then hopefully graduate) but I am making a worthwhile contribution that even my own grandchildren might benefit from.

Now its snowing out, but we have something to do tomorrow in case we get snowed in. Hmmm, analyzing samples and drinking hot chocolate all day tomorrow does not sound too bad. Wanna join us?

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