Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field- Day 2

After working up yesterdays soil cores for microbial biomass we waited for the snow in Gardiner Basin to melt (using this webcam) and around 2PM we headed out to sample the Remnant (never tilled or irrigated) but invaded site next to the Yellowstone river. This site still has the native grass species Poa secunda (Sandbergs bluegrass) but has been invaded by Alyssum and crested and annual wheatgrasses the former was planted by NPS in an effort to restore the grassland, it didn't work. It started snowing and blowing when we got there. In the picture above you will Devil's Slide bechind the crew.
In the foreground of this photo is a mix of P. secunda and crested wheat grass (Agropyron cristatum) the tall yellowish grass bunches, Poa is low to the ground because it has been grazed and is not easily seen in the photo.
In this picture you see Alyssum in bloom. In most sites it has yet to germinate or is just starting to germinate but in what seems to be moister sites it is already flowering.
On our way out of the GB we saw two men using big telephoto lenses aimed in the air and I was able to spot what they were shooting. But I have no idea what it is, but from this picture I would say some kind of raptor that I wouldn't want to mess with.

Tomorow we are getting up at 4:30AM to go wolfing and grizzing. Hopefully we will get lucky. Stay tuned.
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  1. Props to Will. It's an Osprey. I'm a plant guy, forgive me.

  2. An awesome second day in the field! We were in Gardiner Basin again today collecting samples from several different sites. The wind was very strong once again, but it was no match for my makeshift balaclava! Shout out to Rob Day! After we grabbed our samples we returned to the labge and Dr. Hamilton broke out the wok and made a wonderful stirfry (there actually wasn't a wok in the cabin). My compliments to the chef! Tomorrow we are going wolfing and I can't wait! Bed time!

  3. Are you anywhere near Osprey Falls? ;-) Barbara Rowe confirms the ident.

  4. That looks like a very enjoyable field day. My friend Francesco and I went on a field day trip just like this with a large group of people. We got Field Day shirts made and it ended up looking amazing. It was a great day.