Friday, May 7, 2010

Wolfin and Grizzin + some science

This is how the day started, seeing daybreak in the park. We headed out at 5AM after I realized the GPS was not correcting for Daylight savings time when giving sunrise data. No biggie, it gave us some extra time to caffeinate and wake up. The payoff was a park full of activity. Will spotted this Grizzly on the Lamar River just west of the Lamar ranger station. We set up the scope and got the tripod out for the long lense and watched for 1/2 an hour in 14 degree temps. We didn't realize we were cold until we got back in the Suburban. While we were watching the grizz we were serenaded by a wolf pack. No wolf sitings but getting to hear them howl is a once and a lifetime opportunity for many. Video to follow tomorow.

On the way back from the Lamar we saw lots of spooked ungulates. Usually stoic bison cows and their very new calves (called red dogs around here) were running away from what we guess were predators of some sort, wolves, grizzlies, or not so dangerous but annoying coyotes.

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