Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lab morning in the lodge

Despite fearing the worst from the snow yesterday, there was no snow-in. There was no snow falling this morning when I woke up. The snow covering the pine trees was rather beautiful. We stayed in the lodge this morning rather than heading out to a field sight. It was nice and warm and I was able to stay in my pajamas all morning, so you won't here me complaining about it. We were amazingly productive. Soil cores were sieved and weighted. We are on a roll today.


  1. We got incubations going for microbial biomass and soon we will be heading out to Gardiner Basin for more sampling in Alyssum country. The snow is over and maybe the sun will peak out.

  2. Just noticed all the typos in my post... ouch... it hurts.

  3. It was a slightly tedious but cozy morning (no pun intended)! Half way through the morning I was caught off guard when Dr. Hamilton antagonized me about not drinking his coffee. I meant no harm this morning when I chose not to drink coffee, I simply didn't need a caffeine fix. Dr. Hamilton tried to play it off as a joke but I know how he really feels...Just kidding Doc! It was a fun morning to stay in and once the work was done we had lunch and went out to the field to collect more samples!