Friday, May 7, 2010

Great friday

The day started off early (4 AM) as we prepared to go wolfing. I definitely should have had caffeine this morning but did not and instead gorged myself on the delicious crumb cake that Peter made last night. As we left, I had high expectations for the morning and was not disappointed. While driving, a fox darted across the road and a grouse was spotted. Later, from quite a distance, Will spotted a grizzly bear. What amazing vision! I certainly would not have been able to spot it. While watching the grizzly bear we heard the howl of wolves somewhere in the distance. It was something quite special and I was not expecting it at all when I got up this morning.

After, we went out for breakfast, and I was able to get some caffeine, which was good, because I had been falling asleep in the front seat of the car. We then went to collect bulk samples and returned to the lab to sieve them. It was tiring work, but we gradually got better at it. CO2 levels were measured, and we started to measure denitrification.

Later, on our way to the Rusty Rail, we made a detour into the park and got to see big horned sheep at a close distance (spotted by Will again!). We even got to see them ram each other a couple of times. It amazes me how they are able to stand on sides of cliffs so steadily without falling. It looked like a couple of them slipped a little at some points, by they recovered themselves very gracefully. We then went to the Rusty Rail, played pool and returned to the lodge for some foodgasmic chorizos.

Great day, definitely.

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