Monday, May 10, 2010

Counting germinated alde

After returning back to the lodge after a successful morning of wolfing, where 5 grizzlies and 2.5 wolves were spotted, we took a brief break before engaging in science. After the break, we counted the number of seeds that had germinated in the germination samples that we took from the Lamar River, Cinnabar, and Reese Creek sites. The process was not easy in some cases. While samples from the Lamar site had few germinated seeds, the germination samples from the Cinnabar and Reese Creek sites had many germinated Alyssum seeds. The sample that I counted from Reese Creek had 365 little Alyssum sprouts! At first I thought I was done at about 200 but upon further inspection, and sifting of the soil, more were hidden, curled up beneath the surface. Tricky little devils. I thought I had it bad until Prof. Hamilton said that in a previous year, someone had counted 500 of the little buggers. I thought I knew how invasive Alde was, but I didn't fully appreciate the full extent until I had to pick off hundreds of them, one by one, with a tweezer.