Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting in the Lexington Lab tomorrow

Now that we are all back in Lexington, unpacked, and settled, we are ready to formally begin working with our samples in the lab tomorrow morning. After sorting and weighing samples, we can now complete a full workup on each sample. It will be a little strange to work in a real lab again (as opposed to the lodge kitchen).
In the week since we've been back I've reflected on the trip and found there are some things I am missing, such as our fantastic meals and sitting a
round the table together (we al
most fit).
I miss being outside in the mountains. The picture below is from an impromtu pre-dinner walk near the lodge.
Finally, I absolutely miss the scenery. Waking up before dawn was absolutely bearable when we were greeted by this view of the Lamar valley:

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