Monday, May 2, 2011

Been Busy

As you can see in this photo there is a new policy that some of us have to wear the new orange vests when doing research in view of the public. But anyway. We have had some good weather and are working our way into getting a bunch of science done. We have started collecting transect samples to quantify the density of the invasive mustard Alyssum desertorum (ALDE).

Above you can see Zach individually picking seedlings of ALDE from a 10 x 10 cm area. Each transect is 20 meters and we sample every 2 meters.

The NPS is in the process of releasing Bison that have been in a coral at Stephens Creek for several months. In this picture you can see in the distance yearlings that were quite excited to have their freedom.

After sampling yesterday we drove in to the park proper (Gardiner Basin is actually not within the gate controlled part of the park) and got to see many young Bighorn sheep playing, getting ready for adult hood.

Good group shot (Minus Dave but we'll get pics of him on here) at the mid section of the upper terrace at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Then it was time for dinner. Lasagna, sausage-beef and spinach mushroom. Kudos to Maggie, Kerriann and Haley.

This morning we went out at 6:15 to look for wolves and grizzlies. We were very fortunate to see two moose cows near Blactail plateau. Moose are quite rare in the northern range, much rarer than wolves (saw 2 or 3 this AM from the Agate pack on Specimen Ridge) and grizzlies (just waking up)

After are early start we got out into the field and got access to the interior of the Gardiner Basin exclosures. In the picture above you can see the winter wheat that has been planted as a part of the restoration project.

Lunch break in the GB. PB&J
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  1. We had a great day, and saw lots of wildlife- including two moose. We are becoming expert "alyssum pickers". It is interesting to see how the density of alyssum varies both between sites and within. Some of us capped off the day with a picturesque "scramble" straight up the mountain next to our lodge.