Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall 2010

Out in the park for the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem meeting. Will be talking about the Gardiner Basin invasive species vegetation restoration project. A talk that wouldn't be possible without the great efforts of the students that have traveled to YNP in the spring and worked in the lab. Things are looking good in GB. They had enough water this year for the barley and wheat to hold back the Alyssum. Eric Hellquist and I will be sampling tomorrow and Thursday (attending meeting M night T and W). I went into the park this afternoon to check out the status of ALDE at the site near the Lamar river at Specimen Ridge. Well I couldn't get to the site. Two grizzlies were hanging around. I got a good look at a tagged male headed toward Specimen Ridge and could see the other one near the Lamar. No photos. Just in my synapses.
Then on the way back I saw a Black bear sow with 2 cubs in the Yellowstone River. And then on the way back to Gardiner for dinner at the Rusty Rail I saw a bull elk bugling with a harem of cows in front of the Mammoth Lodge. Not a bad first day. YNP never ceases to amaze me. Tomorrow a quck trip to look for wildlife pre-dawn and then we will go to GB to sample.

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