Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last day in YNP

The day started halling seven boxes to the YNP supply center for FedEx pick-up. Then a quick return to the lodge to get the crew (the Doray is small so I made the trip alone) to go back to Mammoth for the presentation to the YCR. There were about 20 park employees in attendance and the data generated a good discussion about the restoration efforts in the Gardiner Basin.
We had lunch at the Sawtooth deli in Gardiner. It was snowing and raining in Mammoth so we are going back later to hike the hot springs before dinner at the Town Cafe. After lunch we cleaned up the lodge and now we are waiting to head to the hot springs. The weather still looks bad, but as we have learned it could be sunny in Mammoth and the weather will change, probably in the next 10 minutes.

That's all for now. It's been a great trip all around.

Perhaps we will get some pictures of the wolves that have denned up near Mammoth (the former Canyon Pack) and will share them later. But if not. See you in Lexington. We are leaving for Bozeman at 4:45 AM for our 7:30 flight.


  1. We are finally at the end of our trip to Yellowstone and we saw 2 new species on our last day!!! Combined with 2 species I forgot to mention from earlier in the trip it gives us a grand total of 60 birds!

    The last minute spots were:

    Northern Shoveler

    Stellar's Jay

    And the two from earlier:

    Northern Harrier

    House Sparrow

    We saw a lot of species of birds on this trip. Considering how cold, windy, snowy and rainy it was we had a lot of great bird sitings! This has really been a great overall trip, though. I enjoyed more than the birds!

  2. I just found this blog- brings back great memories! How is the project going? How much more progress has been made in the restoration project? I was in the park this March (on a snowmobile- bit different from our trip) and Jeff is already making noises about wanting to move to Bozeman once I finish school. I hear the USDA is hiring out there... or maybe I could be on YNP staff as the wildlife vet. Anyway, so cool to read about the work you're still doing- keep it coming!